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Collar‘n’Cuff can be used to form a variety of effective slings and braces, such as a balanced arm sling, wrist support sling, clavicle brace or shoulder immobiliser.

Versatile and economical material – can be made into a variety of slings and braces

Simple construction ensures rapid, tailor-made support for each patient

Provides effective, comfortable support for patients\' limbs

Supplied in 6m rolls with plastic fasteners included

Wide range of potential applications – ideal for busy A&E units

Collar‘n\'Cuff is extremely cost-effective as only the precise amount needed for each application is cut from the roll

Collar‘n’Cuff is manufactured from soft foam covered by a sleeve of stockinette.

Collar‘n’Cuff is supplied in economical 6m rolls, from which the precise amount needed can be cut.

The soft foam in its sleeve provides strong, but comfortable, support when fastened in position with the plastic strips supplied. Used in place of traditional slings, Collar‘n’Cuff provides comfort for the patient without additional padding. As a balanced arm sling, Collar‘n’Cuff provides effective support at the elbow and wrist, without obscuring the affected limb and without applying any force to the injured side.

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