Etiske retningslinjer

Etiske retningslinjer

As an international company, we have a particular duty to respect, promote, and comply with the principles of ethical and social responsibility associated with human rights, the workplace, and working conditions, not to discriminate, to maintain equality and relations with the surrounding world.

Mölnlycke Health Care's Code of Conduct is a set of basic standards and criteria that:

  • Comply with established international standards and guidelines
  • Meet our customers’ needs and expectations
  • Reinforce our core values of “passion, learning, and integrity”
  • Apply to all who work for and together with Mölnlycke Health Care

As a large company and buyer we are in a position to affect working conditions in a positive way and promote workers’ rights in our major suppliers’ factories. We work actively with our suppliers to make sure human rights and health and safety are taken into consideration. This way of working is firmly entrenched in our processes, and the key to success is the close contact we maintain with our suppliers.

We also make sure all potential new partners are carefully assessed. Potential suppliers located in Asia, Latin/South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe have to answer questions about human rights and health and safety in their factories in a section on our Supplier Evaluation form dedicated to our Code of Conduct.


Code of conduct  Download: Sustainability Report 2013 


Jana Dohnalova, a Quality Engineer in the Czech Republic, showed that following our Code of Conduct means taking action when you spot a possible breach. When she noticed close to 100 litres of glue in “empty” barrels, she simply angled the barrels on pallet trucks to remove the remnants to ensure they could be recycled by the supplier. Her simple and environmentally responsible solution meant Mölnlycke Health Care was able to use glue that was previously considered waste material. Jana’s initiative shows that it is possible to strike a balance between company and environmental needs. Sometimes it’s simply about the angle.

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