Mepilex Lite forebygger stråleskader

Mepilex Lite forebygger stråleskader

Data from a randomised trial to investigate the clinical effect of Mepilex® Lite dressings, clearly demonstrates that Mepilex Lite significantly reduces the severity of radiation-induced erythema compared to standard aqueous creams.

The results of this study were orally presented today at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA). It was published in British Journal of Radiology in 2010.1

About 900,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer yearly, according to the World Health Organization, WHO. Erythema occurs in 80-90% of women treated for breast cancer with radiation therapy. Currently there is no standard treatment for radiation-induced skin reactions. This study is the first to prove a clinically effective treatment that would make life a lot easier for women with breast cancer undergoing radiation therapy.

24 patients were presented with 34 erythematous areas of skin. Areas of skin from the same woman were in different areas of the breast, each receiving a different radiation dose. Each affected area was divided into two halves, one treated with Mepilex Lite dressings and the other with the standard aqueous cream. The results showed a significant reduction of the radiation-induced erythema compared to the aqueous cream. Mepilex showed an average
increase in RISRASi score to 1,7 when the aqueous cream saw an increase of 2,4.

“Not only did Mepilex Lite show a clear reduction of radiation-induced erythema. The majority of the women also preferred the dressings over the cream and thought they increased the comfort levels,” said study leader Katie Diggelmann, Radiation Oncology Department, Southern Blood and Cancer Centre, Dunedin Hospital, New Zealand. “The amount of pain experienced decreased and the treatment did allow the women to wear normal clothing.”

“Mepilex Lite is a dressing that is now clinically proven to really lower these patients’ suffering” said Magnus Enerbäck, Global Category Manager. “We are truly proud to be able to provide customers with products that help their patients to a better quality of life.

 ”Mölnlycke Health Care, one of the world’s leading providers of wound care products, develops and manufactures products specifically for chronic and surgical wounds, burns and complementary products in compression therapy and dermatology.

 i RISRAS, Radiation-Induced Skin Assessment Scale

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1. Diggelmann KV, Zytkovicz AE, Tuaine JM, Bennets NC, Kelly LE, Herst PM. Mepilex Lite dressings for themanagement of radiation-induced erythema: a systematic in-patient controlled clinical trial. British Journal ofRadiology 2010; 83 (995): 971-978.