HiBi® antiseptiske midler

HiBi® antiseptiske midler

HiBi® antiseptics have helped to protect healthcare professionals and patients for over 40 years. The HiBi range is rapidly effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi1. This effect is rapid and can last up to six hours in some cases2. The range includes aqueous scrubs, alcohol-based rubs and concentrates, which can be diluted for a variety of uses.

All HiBi formulations developed for hand use include emollients, which is important in products containing high levels of alcohol to help prevent dry skin making it easier to maintain effective hand hygiene.

Whole body washing
Skin bacteria are a potential source of harmful pathogens, which can cause surgical site infections following a surgical intervention. Recent study results support the concept of whole body washing before and after a surgical intervention, as this reduces hospital stays as well as up to 60 percent of infections caused by the multi-resistant S aureus bacteria3. Whole body washing means that patients will wash their entire body with an antiseptic body wash, such as HiBiScrub®. This washing procedure aims to reduce the number of bacteria on the patients’ skin, which in turn reduces the risk of acquiring a surgical site infection.

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