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Cost effectiveness with Mepilex Ag in the treatment of burns

An open, parallel, randomised, comparative, multi-centre investigation evaluating the cost effectiveness, efficacy, safety and tolerance of Mepilex® Ag versus Silvadene® in the treatment of partial thickness burns1.


To determine if the introduction of a new dressing regime for partial-thickness thermal burns could improve healing outcomes and reduce treatment costs.


A randomised, multi-centre trial was conducted to compare the efficacy and cost effectiveness of Mepilex Ag with Silvadene (silver sulfadiazine cream) in the treatment of partial-thickness thermal burns. Data collection took place at initiation (<36 hours post-burn) and at assessment days 7, 14, 21, with follow-up at day 35 where wound assessment and pain measurements were undertaken.


The Mepilex Ag group (n=49) provided faster healing times, reduced hospital stay and required fewer dressing changes, compared to the Silvadene group (n=51). Differences in pain intensity, in favour of Mepilex Ag, were noted at application, during wear-time and on removal during the initial post-burn period. Mean total cost of therapy per patient was $309 for the Mepilex Ag group and $514 for the Silvadene group.


Mepilex Ag showed clinical and health economic benefits. The new treatment regime performed better clinically, and also achieved significant reductions in healthcare costs.


1. Silverstein, P., Heimbach, D., Meites, H., et al. An open, parallel, randomized, comparative, multicenter study to evaluate the cost-effectiveness, performance, tolerance, and safety of a silver-containing soft silicone foam. J Burn Care Res 2011; 32(6): 617-626

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