Putting evidence into practice: Clinical and scientific evidence demonstrate proven prevention 

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Pressure ulcers are one of the most common – but also preventable – hospital-acquired injuries. In addition to creating more suffering, discomfort and pain for patients, these kinds of injuries lead to longer hospital stays, more staff time, more resources and an overall more expensive cost of care.

Recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness (clinically, scientifically and financially) of adopting proven pressure ulcer prevention protocols and continue to dive deeper into what makes these preventive practices effective.

Findings from a cohort study using Mepilex® Border Heel dressings indicate that the use of this multilayer foam dressing in conjunction with existing pressure ulcer prevention protocols is clinically effective in preventing heel pressure ulcers, with the study's intervention group experiencing zero incidence of pressure ulcers versus 19 pressure ulcers in the control group.1

Another study, also focused on Mepilex Border Heel dressings, used finite element modeling to demonstrate that the dressings are scientifically effective in preventing heel ulcers. The results explain how pressure and shear distribution in soft tissue are important risk factors. Not all dressings are the same in the protection they provide because not all dressing constructions consider the total volume and intensity of strain to the heel. Direct pressure alone is not a sufficient measure of strain.2

Together the studies strengthen the overall evidence in support of preventive pressure ulcer care.

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Proven prevention - Clinical and scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of preventive pressure ulcer careProven prevention – Clinical and scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of preventive pressure ulcer care (1 MB pdf, opens in a new window).



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