Invitro-studie-sammenhengen mellom sølv og antimikrobiell effekt

Av: : Mölnlycke Health Care, april 14 2014Postet i: Sårbehandling

Silver possesses a broad-spectrum antimicrobial action and has therefore been incorporated in a wide range of wound dressings in order to manage and prevent local wound infection. Theoretically, a higher release of silver would result in better inactivation. However, previous studies have not shown any correlation for silver content and antimicrobial effect1 or correlation for silver release and antimicrobial effect2. To our knowledge, the two latter factors have never been determined in the same test system, which may be the reason for lack of correlation. Therefore, the aim was to study the relationship between silver release and antimicrobial effect of silver-containing dressings in the same test system.

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