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Mölnlycke® Procedure trays and the EU Sharps Directive

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Ensure the highest safety for your O.R. teams and patients by making the right component choices and complying with the EU Sharps Directive with Mölnlycke® Procedure trays.

Mölnlycke offers safety components with safety-engineered protection mechanisms and products that support the implementation of safer procedures in the operating room to increase safety for O.R. teams and patients both.

Read more about the EU Sharps directive.

Example of components that can be incorporated into existing and new Mölnlycke® Procedure trays


With the assortment of safety hypodermic needles, recapping is no longer an issue. The offer fits both luer lock and luer slip syringes. One of the top components is the BD Eclipse™ needle. The easy, single-handed activation of the safety shield is combined with a second click that indicates a safe and irreversible cover of the needle tip.


Scalpels with retractable blades significantly reduce the risk of getting injured while handling a scalpel and during disposal. The blade of scalpel does not need to be removed, just retracted before disposal. The Mölnlycke range of safety scalpels covers all common sizes offered by leading manufacturers.

Blade remover

In case you prefer a reusable scalpel handle, you will need a safety blade remover. It allows removal of all sizes of blades and keeps the contaminated blade visible for post-operative counting.

Magnetic instrument pad

A lightweight magnetic drape provides a secure hands-free-transfer zone for metallic instruments as well as a secure retention area during the intervention.

Transfer tray

To avoid injuries caused by passing sharp instruments between the scrub nurse and the surgeon, Mölnlycke can offer different transfer-tray designs.

Scalpel holder

A scalpel holder secures the interim storage of the scalpel in an upright position for quick and safe handling. The hard material of the device prevents accidental injuries, damage to the drape or table cover.

Needle counter

Mölnlycke can offer you a wide range of needle counters, enabling you to make the right choice in your tray: foam, magnet, blade remover, transparent lid. The needles can be stored and accessed during the procedure.

Sharps container

In your procedure trays you can include sharps containers for final storage of your sharps disposal. You only need to choose the right size for your needs.

Smoke evacuation

The use of diathermy devices to dissect tissue and provide haemostasis can generate surgical smoke. To reduce the hazards related to surgical smoke, smoke evacuation has become an effective method to improve the air quality in the O.R. for patients and professionals. Mölnlycke® Procedure traysoffer features, such as the SafeAir™, a single-use diathermy pencil with a fully integrated smoke-evacuation function. It can be connected to other smoke-evacuation systems from Erbe, Valleylab and Megadyne.
Surgical smoke and aerosols during laparoscopic surgery should be evacuated from the peritoneum through a multiple filtration layer with activated carbon filter. Mölnlycke provides a smoke filter to be connected to the trocar with no leakage.

Time-out drape

Many control routines and preparations need to be performed by the O.R. team before surgery can start. This is to ensure that all details are measured in the correct way.
To make it clear and visible to all members of the O.R. team that the final check has been performed according to protocol, you can place the time-out drape on the surgical site or on the instrument table.

Drain fixation

Mölnlycke can provide a unique assortment of fixation devices for wound and thoracic drains, epidural and CVC catheters, making the use of sutures for fixation purposes obsolete. Safe anchoring of the drain / catheter reduces movement and accidental displacements. A transparent hydrocolloid cover material allows continuous inspection of the puncture site and provides efficient protection against contamination.

Surgical gloves

Besides the explained components for procedure trays, Mölnlycke also provides a full range of Biogel® surgical gloves. Undetected glove punctures put medical professionals as well as patients at risk. Up to 92 percent of glove punctures go unnoticed during surgery.1 Our double gloving solution, the Biogel puncture indication system, makes glove punctures visible and supports in the reduction of infection risk for both clinicians and patients.
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