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Mölnlycke Health Care tilbyr sikre og effektive produkter offers safe and efficient products that help hospitals provide high-quality healthcare to patients. Continuously performing and evaluating clinical studies are one of the most important ways of securing that the products we offer are safe and efficient. 

Download our clinical summaries in PDF format below.

Clinical summaries related to surgical gloves

  1. Efficacy of double gloving with an intrinsic indicator system
  2. Double gloving to reduce surgical cross-infection (review)
  3. How often does glove perforation occur in surgery?
  4. Surgical glove perforations and the risk of surgical site infection
  5. Bacterial migration through punctured surgical gloves under real surgical conditions
  6. Protecting surgeons from blood contamination in the operating room
  7. Acute viral hepatitis
  8. Prevention of transmissible infections in the perioperative setting
  9. Recommended practices for prevention of transmissible infections in the perioperative practice setting
  10. The ABCs of hepatitis
  11. In-use surgical glove failure rate comparison study

Clinical summaries related to antiseptics

  1. A placebo-controlled trial of the effect of two preoperative baths or showers with chlorhexidine detergent on postoperative wound infection rates
  2. Preoperative shower bath with 4% chlorhexidine detergent solutions: reduction of Staphylococcus aureus in skin carriers and practical application
  3. Postoperative wound infections in vascular surgery: effect of preoperative whole body disinfection by shower-bath with chlorhexidine soap
  4. Rationalizing whole body disinfection
  5. Preventing surgical-site infections in nasal carriers of Staphylococcus aureus

Clinical summary related to patient warming and hypothermia

  1. Study to assess the safety and efficacy of an active self-warming blanket used to prevent hypothermia
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