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EZ Derm

The clinical success of Porcine Xenografts have been proven for over 40 years in burn wound management

Immediately soothing upon application, EZ Derm provides an environment that protects the migration and proliferation of epithelial cells and minimizes painful dressing changes. Once in place, patients may resume their normal activities, while the natural healing process continues undisturbed.

A good substitute for a human allograft

Readily available and not subject to shortages

Significantly less expensive that a human allograft

Available in large sizes, up to 17x46 cm

When to use

For extensive burns, wound excision and closure is an essential part of the treatment regimen. However, autografting is sometimes not an immediate option and a temporary wound cover is required. The use of porcine xenografts is a cost-effective alternative to allografts in the treatment of burn wounds, especially for partial thickness skin losses, temporary coverage prior to autograft and to protect meshed autografts.

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