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At Mölnlycke Health Care, people are at the heart of everything we do.

Our passion to make life better for patients, customers and communities around the world is what drives us. It is why we seek to develop innovative ways of preventing conditions and treating wounds – and why we design efficient, high-quality and safe surgical solutions.

We know that every product we create has an impact on people's lives. So we listen carefully to healthcare professionals and patients to understand their needs. We work closely with industry bodies and governments around the world to shape healthcare policy – so that improving lives can remain at the heart of what all of us do. Most importantly, we learn from what we hear and we act with speed and focus.

Listening to our customers led us to develop our customised ProcedurePak trays® – a surgical solution that is tailored for our customers. We now offer our convenient and easy Negative Pressure Wound Therapy solutions for use at home as well as a clinical environment. We are also investing in more and new ways to prevent infection and conditions like pressure ulcers.

Every year, we have an impact in around 90 countries. We will continue to make a difference – driven by our relentless focus on customer needs, our appetite for innovation and our zest for high quality. We are fortunate that because of our private ownership, we are empowered to focus on the long term. It means we can act in a sustainable and socially responsible way, and focus on making lives better for the communities, customers and patients we serve.

Richard Twomey, CEO


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